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We have created a team of commited people who manage to solve some of the most miscellaneous cases. Distance is irrelevant to us, as we can travel anywhere to get information that is of interest to our customers. With the help of our professionals, any hidden detail can be found with maximum discretion.

The services we are offering you, are not avaible just in Romania, but also Europe and even worldwide. We are offering you free counselling, guaranteeing maximum confidentiality and professional resolution of each case we take.

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With Which We Can Help You

Fidelity check

If you suspect that your partner is not loyal to you, then we can help you.

Locating people

You lost contact with a person? We can find him/her in no time.

Checking the minors’ conduit

We can help you find out about the entourage of supervised minors and their conduct when they are away from you.

Checking the professional conduct

Check the loyalty and professional conduct of your employees at the working place.

Finding property information

Make sure your future partnership will be signed with a trustworthy company.

Check the CVs of your future employees

Find out information about the people you are going to hire, beyond the information presented in their resume.


Our services

We provide you with complex services that address both natural persons and companies or corporations in need of particular investigations, in order to take the right decisions based on concrete information. You will receive free consultancy each time, so that you are informed from the very beginning what the investigation will involve and how we will approach the situation to offer you the expected results. Our detectives can travel anywhere across the world - we have a team of professionals for whom the distance is not an obstacle when finding the information requested by the customers. We are guaranteeing you maximum confidentiality for any type of investigation we are engaging! At the end of the collaboration, you will receive a detailed report that shall include all the information we have obtained during our research.

Maximum privacy

We guarantee maximum discretion for each investigation that we will carry out.

Free consulting

You will benefit from free consulting, no matter what type of service you are requesting

Detectiv Privat


a private detective?

Do you have any doubts about your partner's loyalty? Do you want to find someone you have lost contact with? Are you interested in what kind of crowd is your child is hanging out with? We can help you!

We are also offering you services for companies and corporations to ensure you have all the necessary information before signing a new partnership, a new collaboration, or before hiring new people, so as not to regret your choice later.

We Offer Free Consulting

The results of our work

„A real team of professionals! I found my cousin, whom I haven’t seen for so many years, the only thing I knew about him was that he left the country to work abroad. It didn’t take much time until I’ve found what I was searching for, even if it was an investigation outside the country. Thank you!”

Mike, Client
Locating People

„I had a hunch my husband was cheating on me, which unfortunately was confirmed to me. Many thanks to the entire Premium Detective team for the professionalism and discretion with which they solved my case. I totally recommend you!”

Mary, Client
Fidelity Check

”You have to know who you work with, to make sure everything goes well for everyone. Premium Detective team helped me through the investigations and the information provided to choose the right business partner.„

Rob, Client
Checking The Professional Conduct
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Frequently asked questions

At Premium Detective, we can perform any kind of investigation, without imposing restrictions from this point of view. Whether it's about checking your partner's fidelity, testing your employees’ loyalty, or checking the track record of a person with whom a business partnership is about to be signed, our detectives will be at your disposal. The complete list of services can be found here.
Our Investigation Experts can provide you with the information you need regardless of whether the investigation will have to be done inside or outside our country. Distance is not an obstacle to us - we can go anywhere across world in order to solve the case that’s been given to us.
We will establish the investigation charges together, as there are a number of factors that need to be considered. It depends on the complexity of the case, its difficulty, the need of the investigator to travel outside the locality, the county or even the country, if night surveillance is needed and so on. We will be able to offer you a final price once we have all the details together.
This is our slogan - maximum confidentiality. We guarantee that every case we are dealing with will be treated with maximum discretion. Of course, we will seek to solve it with the same determination, dedication and commitment that we prove each time to provide you with the information you want, while maintaining a maximum level of confidentiality.
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